“Chris, What Should I Do with My Colorado Rental Portfolio?” is a top question I get.

It’s a loaded answer, but there are proven strategies I’ve seen that consistently generate superior returns!

If you’re like most Colorado Investors, you struggle with figuring out the “right move” for your real estate portfolio. That’s exactly why we’re launching
The Portfolio Analysis Mastermind so that we can pass this knowledge along to raise the bar of the entire Colorado real estate investing community.

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From Chris Lopez's Laptop


The market has been on fire this year! Rents and prices are surging. The data and trends indicate that the market keeps appreciating. While the market continues to change and grow, it’s also creating opportunities (like, what to do with six figures in appreciation?).

Which brings up the question I get a lot, “What should I do with my Colorado rental portfolio?”

Well...It depends! There is no one size fits all answer.

Over the last few years, I’ve become a student of building wealth in real estate. Building spreadsheets, running models, dissecting investors’ portfolios - everything I could. I’ve loved every minute of it. Based on public responses so have many others!

It also became obvious that there were no tools or solid resources for investors to use. I've been working to fill that void.

The stars aligned! Earlier this year I connected with a web app developer to start developing an online platform for our Portfolio Analysis service. He's also a client and Colorado Springs investor (so he "gets it").

It's built. Wow! The new software, Propertyllama, has surpassed my expectations. It's a tool that investors need in order to review and analyze their rental portoflios. Let's break it in and analyze your portfolio!

You're invited to join our Portfolio Analysis Mastermind. It's a 9-week program that combines Propertllama + Portfolio Analysis + Colorado Market Knowledge to deliver a clear plan for optimizing your rental portfolio. The mastermind starts January 11th.

Chris Lopez

P.S. This is a paid mastermind. Envision clients - you get access for $1! Make sure you connect with us for the coupon code.

Portfolio Analysis Mastermind: Take Control Of Your Portfolio

A lot has happened (and appreciated!) in the market the last few years. All the change creates opportunity, but also a lot of confusion. This mastermind is your roadmap for identifying those opportunities and erasing the confusion. The goal is for you to have a clear understanding of your portfolio and what moves you need to make in order to align it with your goals.

What is it?

It's a 9-week program built around our Portfolio Analysis service.
You'll get all your rental properties organized to understand the returns, clarify your goals and risk tolerance, identify various opportunities, and create your action plan. Let's optimize your portfolio!

Who is it for?

Colorado Real Estate Investors with at least one rental property. Asking, "What should I do with my properties?"

What's the format?

Weekly virtual masterminds with a private members area to post questions and network. All masterminds will be recorded and made available to review. We'll host some in-person meetings too! It starts on January 11th.

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The mastermind is divided into three different phases over the 9 weeks. This is a hands-on mastermind! We'll be actively reviewing peoples' portfolios, scenarios, and questions. Get yours answered and learn from others.


Organize and Identify

To have an understanding of your portfolio's returns, you must organize everything first. Identifying your goals and risk tolerance is also a must. These are foundational steps.


Identify Opportunities

With the Colorado market the last few years, you'll have some opportunities! You can't use the same metrics at the time of purchase. Rather, we'll discuss and apply the key metrics to portfolio analysis.


Create Action Plan

Planning is nothing without execution. Creating an action plan with your next steps is vital. We'll help you create one so you have clarity.

Early Access to Propertyllama - Our New Investing Software!

Spreadsheets are great but simply don't cut it for analyzing rental portfolios. That's why we built Propertyllama, our brand new software built around our Portfolio Analysis service.

It'll give insight into:

  • What's my return on equity?
  • Should I sell, payoff, or keep it?
  • What's my current annual return?
  • The overall performance of your portfolio.

Bonus: "Lifetime Account" :) Keep access to your portfolio data!

The Instructors

I'm excited about the instructor lineup! We'll have all the right people at the mastermind to answer questions and provide value.

Chris Lopez
Envision Advisors Founder

Chelsea Scott
Chief Investment Officer, Envision Advisors

Joe Massey
Senior Loan Officer for Castle & Cook Mortgage

Richard McGirr
Propertyllama, Co-Founder

Ilona Kazimirko
Propertyllama, Co-Founder

Plus access to the entire

Envision Advisors Team

In addition to our instructors, you'll have access to the entire Envision Advisors team.
Pick their brains!

Portfolio Analysis
Colorado Market Knowledge
Perfect Combo

The entire goal is so you walk away with an understanding of your portfolio and a clear action plan as to your next move.



Every member gets a one-on-one session with Chris or Chelsea to review their goals and portfolio!

In-Person Round Table Masterminds

We'll host a series of in-person events with breakout sessions for different topics and instructors. Come ask your questions!

Lifetime Propertyllama Account

We don't want you to lose your data, so you'll have a "lifetimer" account to access your portfolio.


This is the first time I've ever charged for any access to information or resources. My goal is always to provide as much value as possible. I plan on doing the same for the Portfolio Analysis Mastermind.

Attention: Envision Advisors Clients, don't forget about your coupon code for a $1 registration!


Save $25 with early bird pricing. Register before Jan 7th, 2022! Then the price goes from $272 to $297

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Is the Portfolio Analysis Mastermind for You?

Do you own properties?

Do you have any of these questions about your portfolio:

  • Should I pay off my properties?
  • Should I sell or refinance to leverage up?
  • Is it on track to achieve your financial goals?
  • What's the best move?
  • I'm stuck and confused... what do I do?
  • Should I .....? What If .....?

If your answer is YES, then the Portfolio Analysis Mastermind is for you.

Is it just for Colorado Investors?

It's geared towards properties and investors in Colorado. The mastermind will still work if you're in another market.

When does it start?

The mastermind launches on January 11th.

What if I can't make all the virtual sessions?

No worries! It's designed to work around your schedule. All the mastermind sessions will be recorded and posted to our private group. You'll be able to ask any follow-up questions too. You won't miss out on anything if you can't make the sessions live (you'll still need put time into reviewing it.)

What's Included?

Everything you need to get a handle on your portfolio.

  • 9 weeks of virtual masterminds to discuss real scenarios
  • Private Facebook Group to network and ask questions
  • A free "forever" account with Propertyllama with your rental portfolio loaded!
  • One-on-one session with Chris or Chelsea
  • You'll walk away with a clear action plan for your investments
  • In-person mastermind and networking events

What's the refund policy?

It's simple: If you want your money back, tell us and you'll have it back. No questions asked.

I'm an agent/lender/etc, can I participate?

Yes! It's for investors, so please join. Feel free to invite clients if they can benefit from the program. I'm happy to have other real estate professionals there, just attend with your "investor" hat on, not in business development mode for your business. Please join us, learn, and add value to the group!


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