Get a Clear Path To Your Real Estate Investing Goals

Take the guesswork and research out of your real estate portfolio management with our panel of experts.

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A Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis Workshop

Earlier this year we hosted our first-ever Portfolio Analysis Mastermind (PAM). Over 100 people joined us over 9 weeks as our team of local investors and thought leaders led investors through the steps needed to successfully analyze their own rental portfolio and find opportunities to better utilize their equity.

With the massive shift in the market, investors are circling back for more advice. In an environment of increasing complexity, regulatory pressure, market uncertainty and an ever-evolving investment universe, we recognize that optimizing your portfolio is becoming more and more challenging.

We're launching PAM 2.0 to help provide some clarity. Our team of highly qualified investment consultants will empower you to gain new perspectives on your portfolio, giving you the tools and support that you need to get closer to your overall portfolio objectives.

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Organize Your Portfolio & Goals

Understand what assets you have and how they contribute to your portfolio's goals and risk tolerances.

Analyze Your Portfolio with Property Llama

Use our proprietary portfolio analysis software to run asset allocation models and compare scenarios.

Map Your Next Steps with our Action Plan Template

Use our ROE Action Plan Template to provide structure to your findings and create clear next steps.


Portfolio Analysis Mastermind 2.0

You'll learn:

  • The principles and investment theory behind equity optimization
  • Common misconceptions about real estate investing and how to measure returns
  • How to set up your portfolio in our proprietary portfolio analysis software Property Llama (free lifetime access)
  • How to use Property Llama to run investment models, forecast revenue, and compare scenarios
  • How to create an action plan utilizing our ROE Action Plan Template
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Our Panel of Local Experts

Get exclusive access to some of Colorado's most experienced real estate professionals.

Chris Lopez

Founder, Envision Advisors

Lon Welsh

Founder, Ironton Capital
Expert Panelist

Jenny Bayless

Portfolio Analysis Specialist
Expert Panelist

Nicole Rueth

SVP, TheRuethTeam

Expert Panelist

Aaron Clinkscales

Portfolio Analysis Specialist

Expert Panelist


Our 5 week program consists of 3 core lessons and 2 bonus webinars.

WEEK 1 - November 15th at 11 AM MDT

5 Steps to Build Your Portfolio Architecture

  • Understand the current returns of your rentals.
  • Identify your goals + risk tolerance
  • Rental Portfolio Architecture Overview
  • Passive Portfolio Architecture Overview
  • Learn how you can stack passive and active investments!


WEEK 2 - November 22d at 11AM MDT

Live Portfolio Analyses!

  • Live analyses of active portfolios are the best way to learn.
  • Our panel of experts analyzes two investors' portfolios.
  • Join us as we break down, discuss and run scenarios for two of our attendees.


WEEK 3 - November 29nd at 11 AM MDT

Live Portfolio Analyses (Part 2)

  • Our panel picks two more investors' portfolios to review.
  • You'll get to look over our shoulders as we dissect their portfolios.
  • We'll pick common investor avatars, one should relate to you!


BONUS Webinar!

Supercharge Your Return with No Increased Risk

  • Understand and unlock the power of depreciation.
  • Use it with your active rentals
  • Use it with your passive investments.
  • Learn how depreciation can PUT more cash in your bank account.


BONUS Webinar!

How to Sell an Investment Property for Top Dollar and Reinvest It

  • Should "You Keep, Sell or Refinance Your Rental" is a common question.
  • Don't make the mistake of selling your investment property that could leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table!
  • Learn how to find the sweet spot for selling for max profit, minimum stress and headaches.



Bonus Materials

  • Free Property Llama account to analyze your portfolio
  • Access to our Private Facebook
  • Download our library of action templates


Need To Know: Portfolio Analysis Mastermind 2.0

What is it?

It's a 5-week interactive mastermind built around teaching you our techniques for equity optimization and optimizing your portfolio.

By the end of the course, you'll have organized all your rental properties to understand the returns, clarified your goals and risk tolerance, identified various opportunities, and created your action plan. Let's optimize your portfolio!

Who is it for?

Real Estate Investors or Agents with at least one rental property. Asking, "What should I do with my properties?"

What's the format?

Each webinar will address a different part of the framework: planning, discovery, and real world case studies. Sometimes homework will be assigned during the webinar. If that's the case, be sure to do it before the next webinar.

Part of this series involves learning to use our proprietary portfolio analysis software, Property Llama. You will need to create a free account and upload your portfolio of properties into the software.

There will be a dedicated Facebook group for this course, which you will get access to via email a few days before the course launches.

There will also be a suite of templates and important resources provided along with the series. These materials will be available to you a few days before the course. They will be available through our Notion, which is a document sharing system we use internally.

Can't make the webinar live?

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Free Access to Property Llama Our New Investing Software!

Spreadsheets are great but simply don't cut it for analyzing rental portfolios. That's why we built Propertyllama, our brand new software built around our Portfolio Analysis service.

It'll give insight into:

  • What's my return on equity?
  • Should I sell, payoff, or keep it?
  • What's my current annual return?
  • The overall performance of your portfolio.


Is the Portfolio Analysis Mastermind 2.0 for You?

Do you own properties?

Do you have any of these questions about your portfolio:

  • Should I pay off my properties?
  • Should I sell or refinance to leverage up?
  • Is it on track to achieve your financial goals?
  • What's the best move?
  • I'm stuck and confused... what do I do?
  • Should I .....? What If .....?

If your answer is YES, then the Portfolio Analysis Mastermind 2.0 is for you.

Is it just for Colorado Investors?

No! These concepts and practices can be applied to any portfolio across the country.

When does it start?

The Portfolio Analysis Mastermind 2.0 launches on November 15th.

What if I can't attend the webinars live?

This course is 100% online. If you are registered for the webinar series, and can't make one of the webinars, you will automatically be emailed the recording. If you choose not to attend any of the webinars live, that's totally okay, and you'll receive all five recordings via email. Recordings will be emailed the same day as the live webinar. Don't worry if you can't make them live. We built the curriculum to work whether you attend live or catch the recordings

What's Included?

Everything you need to get a handle on your portfolio.

  • 5 webinars, lessons, and homework
  • Private Facebook Group to network and ask questions
  • A free "forever" account with Property Llama with your rental portfolio loaded
  • You'll walk away with a clear action plan for your investments

Does it cost money?

It's 100% free.

I'm an agent/lender/etc, can I participate?

Yes! It's for investors, but everyone can benefit from this course. Feel free to invite clients if they can benefit from the program.

Can't make the webinar live?

Just register and the recording will automatically be sent to you!


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